Uristix® 50 - Urine strip (50 strips per bottle)

Reliable Glucose and Protein Testing for Women’s Health.
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  • Uristix® Reagent strips are reliable 2- parameter routine Protein & Glucose tests for women’s health.
  • Diagnose conditions such as pre-eclampsia quickly and accurately, enabling you to deliver the best care for your patients.
  • Cost effective tool for screening diabetic and pregnant women for preeclampsia.
  • Uristix® urinalysis test strips are ready to use upon removal from the bottle and may be read visually or read instrumentally using the CLINITEK Status®+ Urine Analyzer.
  • 50 tests per pack.

Uristix is designed to test the following parameters in urine:

  • Protein
  • Glucose

Protein in urine can be the result of urological and nephrological disorders. In normal urine, less than 150 mg of total protein is excreted per day (24-hour period) (< 15 mg/dL). Clinical proteinuria is indicated at greater than 500 mg of protein per day (strip result of ≥ 30 mg/dL). Positive results may also indicate tubular or overflow proteinuria in the absence of any glomerular abnormality or proteins of renal origin that may be excreted during infection.

Small amounts of glucose (< 30 mg/dL) are normally excreted by the kidney. These amounts are usually below the sensitivity level of this test but on occasion may produce a result between Negative and 100 mg/dL that is interpreted as a positive result.


Product will have 18 months expiry from Siemens date of manufacturing. Product requires ambient storage of temperatures between 15-30°C



Siemens Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara, India.

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